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Ever since PDF format was introduced in 1993 it very fast became one of the most used formats on internet. This worldwide popular format enables people to share their ideas and work with it on the net. Portable Document Format (PDF) is an advanced version of Postscript. It is fairly more compact than plain uncompressed postscript. PDF enables to save files in more compressed form and it provides hypertext facilities. These are some advantages of PDF, as follows:

  • Starting from Windows to Linux, even in modern mobile phones PDF files can be opened in every operating system. You can share any type of document with the help of PDF without worrying about opening of the document.
  • Converting a document to PDF file, the documents gets compressed to smaller size without any change in quality. Many documents can be combined together in one PDF. For example spreadsheets, word documents etc all can be put together in one PDF.
  • PDF files are more secure to use than any other format as it prohibits users from editing, duplicating it. It can be even secured with pass word. It enables to share your important documents without thinking of duplicity. PDF file can be viewed with the help of adobe reader and after installing Adobe Reader software correctly you require to the link pdf file and will get installed.

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