Frequently Asked Question about PDF Unlock

Q1. How Does this Tool Work to Unlock a PDF File from Restrictions?

Ans. PDF Unlock Tool removes permission password which is used to restrict certain features like printing, editing, copying etc. What it actually does is create a copy of another unlocked PDF which will be free from every restrictions imposed by PDF owner or permission password.

Q2. My PDF File is encrypted In Adobe Acrobat X, Would I be Able to unlock it with this PDF Unlocker?

Ans. Well yes, with this tool you can unlock PDF files encrypted using Adobe Acrobat X too as this PDF Unlocker supports latest 256-bit AES encryption as well which is used by Adobe Acrobat X to password protect PDF files.    

Q3. Will PDF Unlock Tool Work to DRM and other Encryption Third Party Plug-ins?    

No, you cannot use PDF Unlock Tool to remove DRM and restrictions imposed by third party Plug-ins. Also it is advisable for a user to not to use this tool for any type of copyright infringement activity or stealing someone copyrighted material.

Q4. Is There any Need to Have any Other Third Party Application to Use this Tool to Unlock PDF?

Ans. Absolutely not, PDF Unlock Tool is an independent utility which does not require any third party tool to unlock PDF file. You wouldn’t need to have even Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader to get this software work for removing PDF restrictions.

Q5. What are the Basic System Requirements to install and Run PDF Unlock Tool?

Ans. Following are the system requirement to install and run this tool:

  • Processor Pentium II 400 MHz (Pentium 4 is recommended)
  • 64 MB of RAM (128 MB is recommended)
  • 10 MB of Free Disk Space   

Q6. Is it Safe to Use this PDF Unlocker on my Sensitive and Valuable PDF Documents?

Ans. Using PDF Unlocker on your PDF valuable PDF documents is pretty much safe as this tool doesn’t hamper file formatting or any other information contained in PDF file during or after the decryption process. 

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